Catastrophe in a Circle or Square.

The Smart Solution

We offer a tailored policy to protect your business against damage from seismic activity. You tell us the location, period and trigger and we will create a policy to fit your needs.

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  • Don’t let a catastrophe shake your profits.

    You can now get protection for the localised damage caused by earthquake activity and it’s effect on your business. If the extreme happens then you’ll receive the agreed predetermined payout at the end of the policy period.

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Your Situation

Your company operates in an earthquake susceptible zone and a major tremor will cause severe disruption and a loss of revenue and profit. This loss can be caused by:

  • Property damage to own premises
  • Fall in customer numbers
  • Inability to replenish stock

What Excessweather can offer

A simple policy captioning the territorial parameters of your business will allow us to produce a tailored solution to protect against potential loss. The earthquake is measured at your nearest seismic station and the policy pays immediately after the quake exceeds an agreed count on the Richter Scale meaning no proof of loss is required.


  • "Get down on the floor, this is an Earthquake"

    - Jakil, "Earthquake"