Catastrophe in a Circle or Square.

The Smart Solution

Excessweather offer tailored policies to protect your business against damage from hurricane, cyclone or typhoon.
You can tell us the location, period and trigger and we will create a product that fits your needs.

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  • Don’t let a catastrophe blow away your profits.

    You can now protect your business at specific times of year for a hurricane affecting your possessions, revenues or profits. If the extreme happens you will receive the agreed payout at the end of the policy period.

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Your Situation

Your company operates in a hurricane prone area throughout the year. The hurricane season lasts for about 5 months and a fall in revenue can occur due to:

  • Property damage to own premises
  • Fall in customer numbers
  • Inability to replenish stock

What Excessweather can offer

The policy pays a predetermined amount if the wind speeds exceed an agreed m.p.h. All measurements are taken at the weather station closest to your business which means that you don’t have to prove the loss.

  • "Will I break or will I bend? Will the wind ever come again?"

    - The Fray, "The Wind" (Scars and Stories, 2012)